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Over the years we have built up an enviable portfolio of management level contacts within the human capital industry. These range from boards of listed groups, owner managers and individuals in the C suite all of whom are influential decision makers for their firms. Leveraging this network we are able to introduce buyers looking for strategic acquisitions and sellers looking for some kind of exit.

What does M and A mean and how can it benefit you?
Let's take the mystery of it.....

For the seller: The barriers to entry in starting a recruitment company are famously low but turning that company into a valuable asset, a profitable well-oiled machine with critical mass and good gross and net profits is a different game. When owner managers get to that point they frequently realize how hard it is to get to the next level, how much working capital is absorbed in the business how little liquidity they have and how hard they must work to keep the engine ticking smoothly. Doing this alone can be tiring, no one to bounce ideas off, all the responsibility is with you. You might prefer to release some cash from the company, share the burden of responsibility, take advantage of better systems and back office ( especially if you are a temp / contract business ). There is huge advantage in being part of an international group: cross pollination of client base, candidate flow, it sounds more appealing to client’s candidates and staff. But most importantly a key reason people partner with other groups is to enable their firm to grow, you reach a limit in cash terms, skills and experiences and feel the next level for your group can only be attained via a third party.

There are a myriad of reasons that people look to sell, the most common one is to make a capital gain and sadly the take the money and run option is the one least favoured by buyers for obvious reasons. Rarely is there a prescribed formula for these deals, they can be concocted in any shape or form with plenty of rooms for creativities.

For the buyer: Maybe it was a while ago you started your company, it's easy to forget how hard it was, perhaps you undervalue how good you were? Or how much extra time you invested? Will someone else really achieve the same results? How will you get commitment from the leaders? How long will it take to find enough consultants? And how long will it take them to turn a profit? Clients and candidates do not open their doors quickly, it takes time for them to trust especially when they know the division, team or office is new. Opening offices in new locations sounds exciting but in practice you can lose your shirt, there are often a host of cultural and compliance issues that you would never know about, people are rarely interested in your client base back at HQ and how good you are they want to know about what you've done in their world and consultants are wary of joining start-ups, rightly so as everyone knows how tough it is and with every option available for good people why choose the hard one. Throw in the cost of formation, legal fees, deposits, recruitment fees, travel and office fit outs and doing this organically can be extremely expensive with no return even after three years and plenty of examples of total failure and closed doors.

Going the acquisition route is no bed of roses either but at least there is a track record, there will be an understanding of the market, you know what you're getting to an extent, there will be a database, tangible signed terms, job orders on day one and leadership. If the price is right this can be a far better option allowing you to reach your end goal far quicker.

We Consult
Doing these deals takes a trusted, experienced partner. There is no right or wrong answer and no perfect way to cut a deal, rarely will the parties agree first time around, its about manoevrering and flexibility. Also someone to remind you of the intangible benefits, it shouldn't be just about cash. Throughout the process we are on hand to discuss options and offer third party advice backed up by years of experience in this field and having faced similar challenges as a group ourselves.

What's your company worth?
We believe that a relationship must start somewhere, often it's with a simple phone call and from there the relationship builds over time. We are happy to discuss your business needs and introduce you to the world of M and A, what are the components, the metrics, what do buyers look for and then most importantly how does your firm compare with that. By talking this through and asking some questions we will give you an unbiased third party picture and potential value of your company taken from the helicopter view.

Groom your company for an exit
For vendors either looking for an exit or interested in a route to this event, once we are in command of the facts we can offer strategic advice and ultimately a partnership to get you on the right track with clear goals, milestones and no doubt some thought provoking devil’s advocate scenarios.

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