Since 2010, after the financial crisis, we have spun off two companies and hired nearly forty people in four locations. Today our appetite to hire and grow remains strong. We are looking to add to our teams at all levels in all countries. We hire cautiously but the strengths of our brands have allowed us to hold up well despite the turbulent markets we witness our competitors facing. Between our seven directors and managers there is over ninety years of experience and a third of that held within our group, the leadership is committed providing the team with continuity and strong direction. To support this growth we have invested heavily in systems, processes, training and support tools.

We have a pragmatic approach to hiring and a real "can do" attitude, we believe that square pegs can fit in round holes and prefer to train, develop and support people today rather than waiting years for the finished article. Your background is of far less interest to us than your potential, we prefer to look forward rather than back. We are passionate about helping people to build their careers and work hard to retain and develop our people. Numbers speak louder than words however: today 72% of our team have had at least one pay rise / only one team member has not lived in another country / 92% of team members are currently working in a country they weren't born or brought in / we employ 12 different nationalities / 38% of our team have been recruited from overseas / two employees have been hired that became shareholders and one from ground zero.

We have some exciting plans going forward, we are not into empire building but we do want to be the best in our markets. We have a work hard play hard culture that believes a lot in team collaboration and solidarity despite geographical spread.

Its commonly said in our industry that our people are our asset and as a result we have dedicated considerable attention on this section, writing about our group and how it can benefit you and your career. We are very open to having exploratory conversations with you and would welcome your call.

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