Leadership - Get Inspired

Leadership - Get Inspired ( 3 Files )

Over the years we have recruited for hundreds of firms and watched from the birds eye view different levels of success in business building activity. There is one unanimous theme that makes the difference between success and failure : leadership.

Take The Mystery Out Of It

Take The Mystery Out Of It ( 2 Files )

Terminology - fast facts

It is commonly said that "recruitment is recruitment". It isn't, this is a misconception. Our industry is diverse, there are a myriad of different solutions, client propositions, markets in which to work each of them harnessing their own culture, style and demanding a certain type of approach hence individual to be successful, in that area.

In this document we shed some light on this, explaining how these areas dovetail with certain types of backgrounds and expectations of you or your team. There is also an explanation of what different job titles will require of you, what they mean for you and your career.

In all cases we have gathered this information from fifteen years in business on a global scale, through necessity there are some generalizations and in all cases we are always more than happy to discuss these concepts with you as client or candidate.

Work Abroad – Carpe Dium

Work Abroad – Carpe Dium ( 2 Files )

Over the years we have built significant capability in the execution of overseas placements. This is something we are very passionate about, it means changing someone life not just their career. In our company we employ people from twelve different countries and only two team members have not lived in another country. Multi cultural, eclectic experience adds value to your career and spice to your life and we are in an industry where this can be embarked on, there is nothing holding you back !

We have capitalised on our experience, the people we have and the knowledge we have accumulated and built a war chest of information about the move itself, practical financial information, culture and environment of your designated country and how the process works. We have also built a client base that in most cases are “genuinely” open to overseas hires!

Your Career – Some Thoughts

Your Career – Some Thoughts ( 5 Files )

Since inception we have placed people into over 20 countries, operated from 4 countries, recruited into hundreds of companies and placed over 2,000 people. In all cases the array of companies, styles, cultures and processes has been vast. The purpose of this section is to share this experience with you, give you an entry point into our helicopter view and offer some practical tips to perhaps avoid the pitfalls we some people have witnessed stumble into.

We are also big believers that recruitment should be about partnership. CV spraying and a contingent attitude has hurt our industry in the past decade, its not our style and we truly believe if we are allowed to work with you inconfidence and in partnership we can really add value. This section sheds light on this approach.

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